Internship programs

BEST Inc. is an innovative, diverse technology company growing drastically and internationally. Our mission is to improve automation & business project execution by developing the most cost-effective project implementation methodology with high quality deliverable for the clients worldwide.

Internship – The parallel or part time work plan

Students work approximately 20 hours per week in conjunction with classroom study. The parallel plan can be just for a semester in duration or for an entire year or longer and often becomes a full-time assignment during the summer. Parallel positions can be filled on a continuous basis.

Following are internship programs

Intern will get opportunity to work in various functional roles that is based on intern’s educational background, their educational institute’ s requirement/ criteria of internship program, intern’s area of interest and company’s ongoing/ upcoming/ planned project work. Our internship program will help intern in developing multi-skills on various system by hands-on experience on different makes of system. We are seeking internship applications from the candidate of various field of interest and various educational background such as finance, sales business, accounts, PR, HR, Computer science and engineering. Following are various roles that will be offered during internship to develop intern’s skills listed under functional role.

Automation/ Control/ Process Engineer(Intern)

BEST Inc.(Business & Engineering Solutions Team) is the exceptional provider of engineering & business solutions to the process industry and various businesses. BEST is offering excellent scope for an enthusiastic motivated engineering graduate to get their career off to a positive start to develop their professional skills in multiple areas. This is great opportunity for eager individual willing to learn and advance in growing company. This prospect is specifically for the individuals who would like to develop multi-skills in plant process automation engineering & business solutions. Selected candidate will join our engineering team and have a range of duties and responsibilities including the control system programming, process documentation and developing process control documentation, system configuration, HMI development, alarm management, DCS implementation, PLC programming, process plant commissioning, technology sales support, multi-skills development, sales support, ERP and travelling domestically as well as internationally. Candidate with .Net & SQL server programming capabilities will be also working in this functional role.

Business development and sales(Intern)

We are offering excellent scope for an enthusiastic motivated business management graduate to get their career off a positive start. BEST Inc. employs a diverse team of individuals dedicated to our mission by offering an excellent career development opportunity. If you’re dedicated and ready to work for an organization that cares about you & wholeheartedly committed towards growing business. You will join our business development team and have a range of duties and responsibilities including the developing business development plan for domestic and international market, designing marketing & sales strategies, developing sales channel partner network, participating in trade show to represent BEST.

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