Our Project Execution Methodology

Our senior team has more than 25 years of automation project execution experience. Our team brings the knowledge and experience of working at large multinationals and fortune 500 companies. We have a proven track record of executing projects on-time & within budget. With today’s demanding business deliverables of shortened time frames & fast track project becoming the norm; our focus is on 4 core areas for any ongoing project.


We have standards for DCS / SCADA configuration, to reduce the development time.

Definition phase

Defining the work break down structure & identifying the correct goal for each small work is crucial to success of any project. This avoids trap of “going off-track” & resulting wasted man-hours. Get to know the client’s requirements are the goal & not techno-dazzle.


Setting up a remote engineering methodology is key to project success. We have proven method, which then get fine tuned with client’s inputs.

Quality checks

Apart from the standard logic & functional QC checks, focus has shifted to online documentation and clean code deliverables. We ensure this by rigorous test tools to spool out unused codes.




ERP Projects

BIS ERP can be implemented with modular approach based on specific requirements and current business processes. Implementation is done on site with essential customization, Training and hand holding. This is a general list of major input and output.  Some of these or all of these procedures may be applicable in your organization depending on the business requirements:

1. Administration Management Module
2. Materials Management Module
3. Sales & Distribution Module
4. Finance module
5. Design Module
6. Manufacturing Module
7. Subcontracting Out Module
8. Tax Management Module
9. Material Requirement Planning
10. Subcontracting In Module
11. Resource Matrix Module