Skill Sets

Honeywell honored BEST Inc. with prestigious award – System integrator of the year for Americas

Our project expertise is in handling projects from “concept to start up” approach. This typically starts from functional design specifications, HMI screens, DCS/PLC programming, & Factory Acceptance Test. We have hands on experience in several of the industry popular platforms

Honeywell® - TPS,EPKS,C200,C300,HPM,AM,LM,FSC Plantscape,GUS,HMIWeb,Honeywell Native Window
Triconex® - Tricon Ser. iFix
Foxboro® - I/A ,SCADA Platform Wonderware
Allen Bradley® -PLC5,Control Logix Fox View
Omron® - CS1 RSView
Siemens® -S7,PCS7 WINCC

Alarm Management

Alarm Management is a key component for the overall reliability and operability of modern control systems. BEST employs industry best practices as defined by the International Society of Automation(ISA) and the Engineering Equipment & Materials Users’ Association (EEMUA). BEST has extensive experience defining alarm philosophies, rationalizing alarms, implementing the changes and training plant personnel on the benefits and use of an alarm management program. BEST has its own alarm management in house tools as well our engineers are very experienced in using various alarm management software. All our engineers having strong knowledge of DCS & plant process so they provides better consultancy for probable impacts to plant operational logic due to implementation of alarm management changes as well improving alarming system in the plant.

Advanced Process Modeling & Control

Advanced Process Modeling and Control applications have been established in the process industries as a fundamental requirement for competing in today’s global economy. These real-time applications drive production to operating constraints while optimizing economic unit costs. BEST has extensive capabilities in providing advance process modeling control and implementation solutions to the refining and process industries.

Engineering Documentation

We provide services for designing & producing various types of documentation required for automation projects such as System cabinet layout, Network diagram, Cabinet Internal Wiring, HMI Functional Specification Document, Hardware Design manual, Factory Acceptance Test(FAT) procedures, Site Acceptance Test (SAT) procedures , Loop drawings, Alarm Philosophy, DCS Functional specification Document, Instrument Data Sheets and System performance analysis document. We have resources with expertise in ACAD®, Intools® and Visio®